FLEMAN dispatch system

Dispatch system with improved way in managing dispatching centers to enable complete control of your fleet of vehicles. Tailor made for fitting needs of every Taxi company or other companies in need of dispatching solution.

Product benefits:

  • Control over your company fleet of vehicles in real-time
  • Complete human resource management solution for your vehicle drivers
  • Improved ROI
  • Detailed employment report
  • Greater customer satisfaction

Fleman Dispatch solved the biggest issue of our company that tracks about 150 taxi vehicles. Before I knew everything in my head and had a whiteboard in my office or piece of paper. Now I just rely on FLEMAN dispatch system and through my computer or any other computer in the company and manage every idle vehicle and dispatch in real-time. This has really helped streamline our dispatch operation and given us a great hold of our resource allocation and locations.

Aleksandar Gocevski

Owner, Car Taxi Ilinden