Luxcraft Cabinets process management

Custom made software solution for process management for clients.

Luxcraxt cabinets software is a custom made solution for process management in a store change for kitchen cabinets. It coverts many segments from design to quotes, over purchase and delivery time scheduler to final contract and invoices.

Luxcraft Cabinets is a New York based company that helps clients create the kitchen of their dreams that truly reflects their personality and takes care of all your accessibility needs. They offer kitchen remodeling services, cabinets, counter-tops, granite and installation for every budget. This software solution helped them into the whole planning and monitoring of the performance of the business process.

We requested from Bransys to design and build custom solution for process management for us. After we launched the project we improved the time management in our company and we enhanced the whole process from production to after sales. 

This was much more than we expected!

Luxcraft Cabinets